Carnegie Mellon University

2021 Multiband Gravitational-Wave Science Workshop

May 24-26, 2021

The ability to observe gravitational-wave sources across multiple bands holds great promise for optimized multi-messenger astronomy and refined source parameter estimation. Combining observations from LIGO-like detectors, LISA, and decihertz concepts is thus expected to provide even more discoveries for astrophysics, gravitational physics, particle physics, nuclear physics, and cosmology.

This 3-day virtual workshop will bring together theorists, numericists, data scientists, and experimentalists to discuss the science cases, cyber-infrastructure requirements, and experimental developments for multiband gravitational-wave astronomy. The format will consist of plenary talks and panel discussions with the plenary speakers. The goal of this format is to provide ample opportunity for a collective dialogue on the workshop themes:

  1. Science enabled with multiband gravitational-wave observations.
  2. Algorithms and hardware for low-latency early detection/alerts, source localizations, and efficient multi-band gravitational-wave data analysis.
  3. Bridging the gap between LIGO and LISA with decihertz gravitational-wave detectors.