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November 02, 2020

CMU Campus Polling Place Rules & Election Resources

Dear Members of the CMU Community:

Tomorrow is election day and CMU will be hosting a polling place at Wiegand Gym in the Cohon University Center. As outlined in last week’s message from Provost Jim Garrett and Vice President for Student Affairs Gina Casalegno, Allegheny County has jurisdiction over this polling site. Accordingly, it will be governed by their rules and regulations. In particular, we would like to draw attention to Election Day signage rules. Ordinarily, partisan signage would not be permitted on CMU’s campus, however, per Pennsylvania state law, placing various campaigns signs will be allowed within a designated area outside the 10-foot radius to the entrance. We encourage everyone to adhere to these rules.

The polling place will be observing recommended COVID-19 health guidelines. If you plan to vote in person on the CMU campus tomorrow, please keep top of mind all that is outlined in A Tartan’s Responsibility to help mitigate the spread of the virus. This includes physical distancing and complying with public gathering limitations. Additionally, per state order, voters will be asked to wear a face covering. Those who arrive without a face covering will be offered one.

As we prepare for and move through the election, there are several resources for the CMU community that are being offered.

Thank you all for your responsible participation in this important democratic process.


Daryl Weinert
Chief of Staff and Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
COVID-19 Coordinator