Carnegie Mellon University

Steps to hiring an Independent Contractor

An independent contractor is any vendor who is in business as a sole proprietor or a single-member LLC. Federal law requires additional review to ensure that the vendor fits the classification of independent contractor under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  When requesting a contract for an independent contractor, please follow these steps: 

Submit a contract request to the UCO in-box (
Submit a completed ICC form (pdf) with the contract request. This form is to be completed and signed by the buyer, not the vendor.
Once the UCO has received approval, the UCO will create a contract and return it to the buyer for signature by the vendor.
Once signed by the vendor, the contract is returned to the UCO for countersignature. The buyer receives a copy for their files.

Working with Online Freelancers

Before hiring a freelancer from an online service (such as,, a request listing the freelancer’s name (and address, if possible, or country of origin) must be sent to the UCO before the freelancer is engaged so that the CMU Export Compliance Group can screen the individual. This screening is required by Federal law. The process can usually be completed in one day if all the information is provided.

To help fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, all institutions are required by Federal law to obtain, verify and record information that identifies any entity or individual with which they do business. 

The screening process is to ensure that Carnegie Mellon is not engaging or paying individuals or entities which are on the restricted parties lists that detail individuals or entities with which we are not permitted to engage or pay under U.S. law. CMU does this for every individual or entity we engage, from agreements to visitors to campus. Discover additional details regarding the restricted parties list.