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About bboards

Electronic bulletin boards (bboards) are a function of Cyrus email. They are electronic mailboxes that can be read or posted to by one or more people.  Bboards are similar to regular (non-electronic) bulletin boards in that they are places where people can post and read messages. Each bboard has a name that describes something about the bboard.

Explanation of bboard Trees

Bboards are organized in a tree structure where each "tree" represents a bboard purpose. Following are descriptions of the top-level bulletin boards:

  • official -Restricted posting bboards that contain official information from various places
  • academic -Bboards for courses.
  • cmu - This is the top level node for campus-wide usenet groups, like, including bboards imported from the School of Computer Science (cs). Bboards under the cmu level may be distributed to other systems on campus under a special protocol (e.g., to CS, SEI, the Computer Club, PSC).  No new bboards can be created in the cmu tree at this time.
  • graffiti - Uncensored scribbling; pretty much, anything-goes here. Users are encouraged to choose the graffiti tree rather than assocs or hobbies when they wish to start bboards for random, recreational scribbling. Bboards whose names target individuals for ridicule or offense will, at the individual's request, be removed.  These bboards are openly available to the university community for reading and posting messages.
  • assocs - Top-level node for user-created sub-nodes pertaining to various associations, formal and informal, at Carnegie Mellon. These bboards are always available to the university community for reading and posting messages.
  • org - Bboards devoted to university departments.
  • internet- Mailing lists distributed across the Internet and other external networks are presented as bboards here.  No new lists will be created in the internet tree at this time, however Computing Services will continue to maintain existing subscriptions.

Using Bboards

Depending on the type of account you have (Cyrus or Exchange) and what you want to do (read, post, etc.), you may need to access bboards differently. For help, refer to the following:

If you use: ...and you want to:
Read bboards 
Post, etc.
Cyrus/Google Apps
Not sure which email system you use? Visit and be directed to a welcome message that identifies you as Exchange, Cyrus or Google.