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Videoconference & Telepresence Services


H.323 Videoconferencing can be scheduled anywhere on campus using IP connectivity. If you need to use ISDN, please contact us for more details.

Small portable videoconference units (one or two people capacity) are available for use with in any campus location with an active Andrew Network outlet. MediaTech can also assist with the on-site delivery, setup and training of the portable videoconference equipment. More information including basic setup instructions are available.

Resident classrooms with “built-in” videoconferencing capabilities exist in Gates 4307, Wean 4623, 5328, Doherty Hall A302, Giant Eagle (Baker Hall A51) and Steinberg (Baker Hall A53) auditoriums. MediaTech can also provide initial operational support with guided training towards self videoconferencing proficiency for any of the above mentioned classrooms. For more information on these classrooms visit the Classroom Support section. Step-by-step instructions are also available for these rooms.

All videoconference service orders should be placed using our online form. Select the appropriate order form, based on your equipment and/or support needs.

Videoconferencing for an Evolving University

Carnegie Mellon’s global focus has been one of the driving forces affecting an exponential increase in videoconferencing (VC) usage. Computing Services has seen an increase in campus adoption of VC technologies and colleges and departments are expanding their own VC equipment. The Pittsburgh campus recognizes over 130 VC systems; of which, just over 70 such systems are maintained by Computing Services. A project was completed to transition Computing Services-maintained VC systems from individually-managed units to an enterprise and centrally-managed infrastructure. This enables us to support current and standard security practices as well as provide enhanced services such as phonebooks and direct call routing with the Qatar campus VC infrastructure for robust videoconferencing.

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