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Current Research

Our current research focuses on physical problems that occur in the context of molecular cell biology. We are particularly interested in lipid membranes and proteins and their mutual interactions, but we also work on a fair number of other related topics. Our main tools are computer simulations and analytical theory, and in both cases we try to devise simplified descriptions that capture the (presumed) essence of the physical situation while eliminating most of the (presumably) unnecessary detail.

The following list presents a couple of examples for our research:


  • Notes on differential geometry [pdf]
  • Notes on membrane theory [pdf]

Random acts of knowledge

Over time I have established a somewhat (but not completely) "random" collection of scientific notes on topics which I came across at some point. The idea was to preserve some essential insights in a semi-polished fashion, such as to be able to access it quickly and efficiently later. If you're interested, you're very welcome to rummage in our science-attic! In that case, please enter here!

Fun stuff

  • Paper model for folding your own CCMV virus [pdf]

Scherk's minimal surface

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twisted torus