Carnegie Mellon University

Program Faculty

The program draws on a core group of faculty spanning the four sponsoring academic units. The faculty in the Social & Decision Sciences (SDS) Department focus on the economics of technological change and the evolution of new industries, the faculty in the David A. Tepper School of Business (Tepper) focus on organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, and firm strategy, the faculty in the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management (Heinz) focus on firm strategy, industrial organization, and regional economic development, and the faculty in the Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) Department focus on technological change and technology policy.

The core faculty participating in the program include:

Erica Fuchs
Benoit Morel
Granger Morgan
John Peha
Ed Rubin
Marvin Sirbu
Mitchell Small
Joel Tarr
Francisco Veloso

Linda Argote
S. Thomas Emerson
Mark Fichman
Paul Goodman
Laurie Weingart
Jeffrey Williams

Heinz School
Ashish Arora
Marty Gaynor
David Krackhardt
Denise Rousseau
Lowell Taylor

David Hounshell
John Miller
Sergey Braguinsky
Lee Branstetter

Other CMU participants
Jay Aronson
Jared Cohon
Mark Kamlet
Donald Smith