Carnegie Mellon University

Interdisciplinary perspectives

The studies that bring together the community of Carnegie Mellon SETChange scholars to build a comprehensive program of studies focused on technological change builds upon Carnegie Mellon's well-established research and teaching about technology, entrepreneurship and management skills in a variety of academic programs.

The faculty develops its expertise by drawing its collegial membership from several colleges that contribute scholars to the interdisciplinary dialogue that defines the program.  This interdisciplinary community, which is committed to the development of a comprehensive range of curricula at all levels of graduate and undergraduate studies, reaches across the campus for the expertise that shapes the program.  

    SETChange faculty members represent four different colleges, including

Engineering and Public Policy Department

Social and Decision Sciences Department

Carnegie Mellon's two professional schools

H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management

David A. Tepper School of Business


The commitment of the university to provide students with unique tools in careers as business operators and organizational managers of technology, depends also upon the commitment of many other innovative programs and initiatives, including:

Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship

Institute for Social Innovation

Masters in Product Development


    All members engaged in this interdisciplinary dialogue share the common goal of providing all Carnegie Mellon students with an intellectual framework for understanding the importance of technological change and role it plays in forcing innovation and driving entrepreneurship.