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SRC-URO Program

Deadline: November 1, 2013

Carnegie Mellon is one of 17 campuses to participate in the SRC Undergraduate Research Opportunities (SRC-URO) program, funded by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC).  It is designed to attract and retain students in science and engineering disciplines relevant to technology-based industries and to encourage their enrollment in graduate school by providing sustained undergraduate research experiences and mentoring relationships.

  • An established faculty committee will select 4-8 sophomores for a 3-5 semester/and the possibility of one summer commitment.
  • Ideally, students will remain with the same faculty mentor over the duration of the program; however, benchmarking will take place at various points to assess whether continuation or a change of research project is merited for each individual.
  • Candidates will start the program in spring 2014, possibly continue through summer in our SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship) program; they will apply for SURF following the same application procedures as all of our other students), continue through their junior years and possibly into their senior years.
  • They will receive $2000 (to be paid by bi-weekly timecard) and $3500 over the summer between their sophomore and junior years.
  • Senior year is currently under discussion. SRC would ideally like students in the program to continue in their senior year.
  • All SRC-URO participants must attend in workshops, lectures, events sponsored by this program.
  • All SRC-URO participants must agree to fill out assessments.
  • All SRC-URO participants will present their research at Carnegie Mellon's Undergraduate Research Symposium, Meeting of the Minds.

SRC-URO participants will need to commit to the entire program, which requires 3 semesters and the possibility of a summer (between the sophomore and junior year) of support, and possible further commitment through the senior year.

Students who are selected by the faculty committee will seek to match their burgeoning research interests with faculty members who express an interest in participating in this program.  Faculty members will meet with the candidates and decide whether or not a match fits their needs as well as those of the student.