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Harnessing a Learning-Engineering Ecosystem

Online Classes Get a Missing Piece: Teamwork

Most online courses are a solitary experience for learners. Carnegie Mellon University's Carolyn Rosé is working to make MOOCs more social.

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Relying on "Smile Scores" To Measure Student Learning Is Not a Good Idea

Teachers want students to enjoy courses and find instructional innovations engaging. But students’ perceptions of enjoyment or engagement are not measures of instruction’s effectiveness.

 Brain Imaging Eyed as Path to Better Education Software
Brain Imaging Eyed as Path to Better Education Software

Carnegie Mellon has long been at the fore of the adaptive-learning field. Two decades ago, researchers at the Pittsburgh-based university pioneered the software that eventually became known as Cognitive Tutor.

Why Simon?

Named for the late Nobel and Turing Award laureate Herbert Simon, this initiative harnesses a cross-disciplinary, learning-engineering ecosystem that has developed over several decades at CMU with the goal of measurably improving student learning outcomes. Learn more.