The Simon Initiative - Carnegie Mellon University

Harnessing a Learning-Engineering Ecosystem

Simon ProSEED Grants Awarded to Nine Learning Science Projects

The new technology-enhanced learning (TEL) projects are designed to improve education for CMU students while advancing our understanding of how humans learn.

“These grants represent a unique investment in education at CMU that pays dual dividends down the road — first in improving outcomes for our learners and then in providing a foundation for future funding,” said Norman Bier, executive director of the Simon Initiative.

Tech Crunch
At Carnegie Mellon, Using Tech To Make Teachers More Engaging

Amy Ogan, an educational technologist at Carnegie Mellon University, calls herself a “CMU lifer” and for good reason. She nabbed both her undergraduate degree and Ph.D from the school. For the last couple of years, she has also worked at the university as an assistant professor, where she’s primarily focused on making classrooms, both online and offline, far more engaging.

It Takes Two: The Practical Benefits of K-12 Public Education and Higher Ed Partnerships

In the Greater Pittsburgh Region, a strategic partnership has been created to introduce new and emerging educational technologies into the classroom, supplementing teaching methodology with guided practice for students and detailed progress reports for teachers.

Why Simon?

Named for the late Nobel and Turing Award laureate Herbert Simon, this initiative harnesses a cross-disciplinary, learning-engineering ecosystem that has developed over several decades at CMU with the goal of measurably improving student learning outcomes. Learn more.