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Printing & Copying

Andrew Printing

Computing Services and University Libraries maintain many publicly accessible printing stations on campus. The ID Card is used by students, faculty and staff members for printing system identification so their print jobs can be recognized and paid for. Every semester, enrolled degree-seeking students, and faculty and staff are allocated a print "quota" of $40, which can be used to pay for printing in the Andrew printing system. These funds are distributed on a "use it or lose it" basis. Once the print quota has been depleted, an individual may supplement their print quota by depositing money into their Plaid Cash account. Printing quota balances can be monitored by visiting the CMU Portal for employees and SIO for students.

Affiliate cardholders are not issued a print quota; however, they may use the Andrew printing system by depositing money into a Plaid Cash account. Print jobs can be submitted as a "guest" user and Plaid Cash will be used to pay for the service.

For more information, visit the Clusters Services website.


There are publicly accessible copiers in each of the campus libraries where cardholders may use their Plaid Cash account to pay for copies. Printing quotas cannot be used to pay for copies in the libraries. Copies are available at a rate of $.10 for black and white copies and $2 for color copies. Color copies are available in Hunt Library only.

Print/Copy Cards

Individuals not affiliated with the university and thus not eligible for an ID Card may still make use of the public printing and copying services by purchasing a Print/Copy Card.  Print/Copy Cards can be purchased from the Campus Stored Value Terminals (CSVT) which are located on the first floor of Hunt Library. Cards from these machines cost $1 and do not contain a value on them when they are initially purchased. Once the card has been purchased, then funds can be loaded onto the card through the CSVT. Print/Copy Cards may be purchased in various denominations from the circulation desks in the libraries. Print/Copy Cards are non-refundable, and can only be used for printing and copying.

Departmental Copying & Printing

Departments have the option to purchase printing and copying only Plaid Cash Cards from The HUB and have them charged to an Oracle string. Departments may also purchase a Plaid Cash Card for an individual. Departmentally supplied funds are non-refundable and can only be used for printing and copying purposes. To request a departmental Plaid Cash Card, complete the required form and return it to The HUB.