Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)-Graduate Education - Carnegie Mellon University

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I was not funded by the GSA/Provost Conference or Research Funding- may I still participate?

What are the expectations of me as a presenter on April 6, 2017?

What if I can’t setup my poster/project on time on April 6, 2017?

What if I have a class that conflicts with the event?

What are the requirements if we are part of a group? Do we all register? Or just one of us?

Can I use a poster from a previous presentation/conference?

If I will be using the provided easel and foam core board, what size should my poster/display be?

What if my poster is larger than the allotted size?

What resources are available on how to create an effective poster?

What if I need a power outlet for my display?

I received either a GSA/Provost Conference Funding and GSA or a Provost Graduate Small Research Grant, but I have since graduated – do I still have to fulfill the requirement of participating in Innovation with Impact?

I no longer live in Pittsburgh – how can I participate in order to fulfill this requirement?

I attended a conference with the GSA/Provost Conference Funding, but did not present – what should I share at Innovation with Impact?