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Login and Password

Login through Web Browser

Use your Andrew userID and password to log in to Google Apps @ CMU using your preferred Web browser.

Note: You must create a Google Apps @ CMU password for non-browser access (e.g. mobile devices, email clients, etc.)

Accessing Email through Mobile Devices and Email Clients

Because your password is transmitted to Google for authentication when you access your email using a mobile device app or email client, we require a separate password. Your password is not transmitted to Google when using a Web browser. Instead, the password is authenticated on our servers.

Create or Change Your Password

Follow the steps below to create or change your Google Apps @ CMU password.

  1. Log in with your Andrew userID and password to create or change your Google Apps @ CMU password.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose a password that complies with the security requirements.

NoteYour Google Apps password cannot match any of the five previous Google Apps passwords. Your password should also meet the criteria in the Carnegie Mellon Password Strength Policy.

Set Up Your Mobile Device or Email Client

Follow the appropriate steps for:

Using your @cmu.edu Alias



Email Tools

quick links

Need Help?

Contact the Help Center
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