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Courtesy Accounts

Who is eligible

Visiting scholars, researchers, or new employees who need an account prior to their start date are eligible. Courtesy accounts are intended for short-term use (4 months or less).

How to request it

The HREM Administrator of each department enters an appointment in HREM. The appointment then goes through the HREM approval process. Once the appointment is approved, Business Administrators, HREM Administrators or Departmental Administrators can request accounts by completing the Staff, Faculty, Courtesy Account Request Form. The account is manually created when the information appears in the directory. Typically this is the day after it is approved but may take longer.

Account Expiration and Termination

When the HREM Administrator of a department terminates the appointment in HREM, the employee's record drops out of the feed and an expiration date is automatically set on the account for 30 days from the date. Two suspension warnings are sent out before the account expires. The first two weeks before the expiration date, the second is one week before

Note: Courtesy appointments MUST be terminated in HREM. Setting an expiration date on creation does not terminate the appointment.