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Student Organization (Club) Accounts

Who is eligible

Undergraduate organizations recognized by the student senate and graduate organizations that are approved by a department head are eligible. The account provides an AFS space and a Cyrus mailbox. At least one student with an Andrew ID must be designated as the account maintainer. Requester should provide three choices for the Andrew ID of the club as well as a list of students who will need access to the club account. Access to club accounts is granted through Protection Groups (PTS Groups). Refer to Using PTS Groups for more information. 

How to request it

A student representative from the organization can send an email to

Account Expiration and Termination:

The expiration date is set when the account is created. Two renewal notices are sent to the account’s email address. The first is sent out two weeks before the expiration date, the second one week before. If there is no response to the renewal request, the account is allowed to expire. To keep the account active, contact the Help Center and include the name of the club and the Andrew ID in your message.

Note: At the time of expiration, all stored files and email messages remain in place for one year. However, the account will no longer receive email or forward email sent to it.