Student Accounts-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Student Accounts

Who is Eligible

Student affiliation is determined by Enrollment Services. They provide a list of current eligible students, through a nightly data feed to the directory.

How to request it

No request is necessary. Student accounts are automatically created and reactivated when information comes through the nightly feed from enrollment services.

Account Expiration and Termination

When Enrollment Services determines that a student is no longer eligible, an expiration date is automatically set on the account for 90 days from that date. The student receives two suspension warnings before the account expires. The first is one month before the expiration date; the second is two weeks before. If you believe your account suspension warning is an error, contact The HUB immediately. If they confirm that your enrollment records are in order, contact the Help Center.

Note: Beginning with the Class of 2015, graduating students will be allowed to retain their Andrew userID and password for use with their Alumni email. See the Alumni Association website for more information.