Department Sponsored Accounts-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Department Sponsored Accounts

Who is eligible

A specified individual representing the department is eligible for a Department Sponsored Account. Department sponsored accounts are NOT for group access to email, etc. The userID and password should never be shared for use by a group. For free group access to email, file storage and calendar, Group Access is the appropriate solution. The sponsor must be a full-time permanent faculty or staff member.

How to request it

Business Administrators, Department Initiator (DI), or Departmental Administrators can request or renew accounts.


  • Department accounts do not have login access to cluster computers or computers on the Windows domain.
  • To access the associated email account you must use the direct web address for Cyrus. Do not use
  • These accounts do not have access to software downloads.
  • Access to for email management (e.g., quota, spam, forwarding, etc.) is not available. Please contact the Help Center at to request these changes.

Account Expiration and Termination

The expiration date is set when the account is created. Two renewal notices are sent to the sponsor of the account and to the account’s email address. The first is sent out two weeks before the expiration date, the second one week before. If there is no response to the renewal request, the account is allowed to expire.