Software Licensing-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Software Licensing

Carnegie Mellon negotiates volume licenses for many software packages. These licenses grant you the right to use the software only while you are affiliated with the university. This does not apply to shrink-wrapped software, or to software that was bundled with your computer; those software titles are subject to the licenses that came with them.

You can find a list of university-licensed software on the Software web pages.

Software You Can Take With You and Use in Perpetuity

Beginning 2 months before graduation, students may request perpetual software licenses for post-graduation use of Microsoft Windows and Office by contacting This software will not be eligible for upgrades or technical support, but may be used in perpetuity after you leave the university. 

Refer to the Microsoft Campus Agreement Subscription Student Users Acceptance Form that you signed at the Carnegie Mellon Computer Store when you purchased MSCA software. Students may request a Student License Confirmation form by contacting

Software You Cannot Take With You

Software that has been obtained from the sources listed below may not be used post-affiliation:

  • Computing Services software distribution (e.g., software downloaded from our web site)
  • Departmental servers
  • Andrew directories
  • CDs distributed from Computer Sales at the University Store

Once your affiliation with Carnegie Mellon ends, you are obliged to delete this software from your computer, even if you have paid a fee for it.

Note: There may be other packages in this category that were licensed by your specific college or department.

For Licensing Software Information, review the Software Licenses page.