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Computing After Carnegie Mellon

The following resources are available to assist as you transition your email, file storage, and other computing services from Carnegie Mellon:

Transition periods

Student accounts remain active during a 90 day transition period after leaving the university (30 days for faculty and staff, at your department's discretion). Use this time to transition the computing resources associated with your Andrew account and arrange for new services and storage locations.

Alumni Information

Alumni have access to the online alumni directory and an alumni forwarding email address via Alumni Relations. Visit the Carnegie Mellon Alumni information page for more information.


  • Students are always sent email notification prior to termination of their accounts. If you believe your account suspension warning is in error, contact The HUB immediately. If The HUB can not determine the reason for your account suspension notice, contact the Computing Services Help Center (412-268-HELP or
  • Account status is automatically updated for undergraduates who enroll as graduate students or who become employed by the university.
  • Departments and/or the university may cancel services immediately under special circumstances.