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Prototype Files and Directories

Prototypes are examples of files and directories as they appear in a new Andrew account. If you think something is wrong with your private, or public directories, or your preferences, .login, .logout, or .cshrc files, you can copy a prototype into your own account to replace the incorrect file or directory.

Using prototypes

The /afs/andrew/data/db/account directory contains all of the files and subdirectories used to create a new Andrew accounts. The files in this directory are:

  • .login
  • .logout
  • .cshrc
  • preferences

The subdirectories in this directory are:

  • bin
  • private
  • public
  • www

Because several of these files contain a period before the file name (often referred to as "dot" or "hidden" files), you will need to use the ls -a command to list all of the files in this directory; this command lists both visible and hidden files; for details see Unix Commands.

Note: To avoid overwriting something you may want to keep, it is a good idea to rename the file you want to replace before copying the new one.

Note: Be sure to copy prototypes into your home directory. They will fail to work properly in any other directory. 

Last Updated: 12/1/11