Outreach: DNAZone-The Center for Nucleic Acids Science and Technology - Carnegie Mellon University

Outreach: DNAZone

DNAZone is a program organized by members of CNAST that provides educational outreach to students in grades K-12. The program is intended to improve student engagement, attitudes and beliefs towards science. DNAZone attracts students to science by exposing them to modern and exciting, state-of-the art aspects of nucleic acids science. Through this program, CNAST hopes to foster students' interest in mathematics, science and engineering and their appreciation of collaboration and interdisciplinary work.

DNAZone creates interesting activities and experiments that teach fundamental concepts covered in the mathematics, science and technology curriculum of primary and secondary educational institutions in Pennsylvania. These activities utilize the interdisciplinary nature of the study of DNA and other nucleic acids.

Thank you to our volunteers!

Faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows and staff scientists all play an intergral part in CNAST's outreach program and are active DNAZone volunteers. Check it out!

Want to get involved?

Visit DNAZone's VolunteerSpot to view upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Contact DNAZone

Email Hannah Diorio-Toth at hdiorio@andrew.cmu.edu or call
(412) 268-5472.

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DNAZone Coordinators

Dr. Catalina Achim
Professor of Chemistry
Carnegie Mellon University

Hannah Diorio-Toth
CNAST Administrative Assistant
& Outreach Coordinator
Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Janet Waldeck
High School Physics Teacher
Taylor Allderdice High School


MCS Undergraduates:

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