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Criminal and Child Abuse Clearances for CMU Student Volunteers

The Gelfand Center will support the costs associated with obtaining Pennsylvania criminal and child abuse clearances for current student volunteers of Carnegie Mellon who provide services to improve educational opportunities for children in the community. This support is ONLY extended to current student volunteer members of organizations that serve the community involved in service activities that are associated with university courses; i.e. service learning. For more information about student volunteer clearance guidelines, please see our Volunteer Fact Sheet.

If you are faculty, staff or paid student employee, please contact Nubhia Nishad ( of the Human Resources Office at CMU for more information on how to obtain your clearances.

NEW Procedure for obtaining criminal and child abuse clearances, prior to working with children.

This procedure starts on 1/27/15 to accommodate the new system put in place by the PA Dept. of Public Welfare.

  1. The Criminal Clearance Form [.pdf] is obtained through the Pennsylvania State Police. Please print and complete the form in ink.
  2. Please fill out a Child Abuse Clearance Form [.pdf]. Print and complete the form in ink.

    Please read the Clearance FAQ page before completing your child abuse clearance application!

  3. Once ALL applications are completed, please email to schedule an appointment to come to WEH 4614 to process your clearances. Please allow 30 minutes for clearance appointments. Appointments for Summer 2015 are available on an as-needed basis Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 3:30pm.  At least 2 days advance notice is required to make an appointment.

Once you have received your clearances be sure to KEEP the certificates since you will need to show this to the school or agency where you volunteer. The certificates are then valid for three years.*Please note that the Leonard Gelfand Center CANNOT provide assistance in obtaining Federal Criminal History Background Checks (CHRI), also known as Act 114 - FBI Reports. Please visit the PA Department of Education site for more information on how to obtain a CHRI.*

For questions or concerns, please contact:

Kristin Lavery
Phone: (412) 268-6819