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Classroom Kit Lending Library

DNAZone and the University of Pittsburgh's Chemistry Department have partnered to create classroom kits, which are available to borrow at no cost. The kits are designed to help middle school and high school teachers bring science, technology, engineering and math into their classrooms in a fun and exciting way.

Lesson plans and student activity sheets for each classroom kit can be downloaded here. The kits contain all of the necessary materials for a teacher-led science experiment. Kits consist of one set of teacher materials and twelve sets of student materials, which can be used comfortably in classrooms of up to 40 students. Each kit fulfills one or more of the Pennsylvania Common Core standards as outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

How to Borrow a Classroom Kit

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  • Check our calendar of availability for dates that kits can be borrowed.
  • Submit a request form for the kits you would like to borrow.

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lending library directors

Dr. Catalina Achim
Professor of Chemistry
Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Janet Waldeck
High School Physics Teacher
Taylor Allderdice High School