About US-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

The School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University takes pride in being a community of students and faculty interested in positively changing the built environment. Graduates of the School of Architecture enter the profession with design creativity, historical perspective, social responsibility, technical excellence, and global environmental leadership.

Consistently ranked in the top ten professional architecture degree programs, the School of Architecture offers a NAAB accredited, five-year professional Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) degree with a studio-based pedagogy.

The School of Architecture cultivates an intellectual climate embracing the concept of “making” to achieve design excellence. Experiential learning opportunities are supported by our state of the art facilities. The integrated analog/ digital studios, wood shop, digital fabrication lab (dFab), and research centers enable our students to be facile with the design tools of the future.

With a unique focus on sustainable urbanism, the School of Architecture is committed to exploring creative, integrated solutions to improve the quality of life in our cities and the sustainability of the places we inhabit. The School of Architecture’s innovative pedagogy introduces integrated project delivery methods and democratic decision-making processes, while simultaneously developing critical thinking skills to prepare the next generation of architects and urban designers.

Architects have the responsibility of defining a culture, physical location, spiritual location and temporal location. They have an obligation to engage their creativity in solving a set of problems, dealing with the built environment. -Andrew Caruso, A'07

Andrew Caruso '07

Architecture is one of the few professions that interprets and portrays a time period. Everyone is surrounded by architecture and looking back, you can see what history was like through buildings. Architects are historians. -Gary Tsai, A'06

Gary Tsai '06

Architects have the potential to be leaders in society on many levels. That's a really important aspect of the profession; we can touch so many different parts of society. -Kate Bojsza, A'03

Kate Bojsza '03