Andy Awards - Carnegie Mellon University

The Andy Awards

The Andy Awards, named for Andrew Carnegie and Andrew Mellon, are a tribute to the spirit of teamwork and dedication embodied by the staff at Carnegie Mellon University. Individual staff members and teams of colleagues whose work has had a significant impact on the university are recognized for their outstanding performance through the Andy Awards program.

Awards will be given in five categories: Commitment to Excellence, Commitment to Students, Innovative and Creative Contributions, Spirit and Teamwork and Collaboration.

Please check back for a list of the 2017 Andy Awards nominees.


Our Hearts Are Here

Andrew Carnegie’s 1900 declaration "My heart is in the work” has become the unofficial motto of Carnegie Mellon University.  Much like the Carnegie steel that built America, CMU staff are the building blocks upon which this university stands and thrives.  Their dedication and commitment to excellence and advancing the university does not go unnoticed.  The Andy Awards program aims to recognize the legacy that each individual and team of colleagues forge through their hard work day in and day out.