How to Nominate-Andy Awards - Carnegie Mellon University

How to Nominate

Nomination Process

All Carnegie Mellon University faculty, staff and students are welcome to nominate university staff members for an Andy Award.

Nominators should review the Eligibility Requirements below and the description and criteria for each category. Then, they should complete and submit the Nomination Form.

Nominators should then solicit two faculty, staff and/or students to complete and submit a Statement of Support. Statements of Support must come from individuals other than the nominator.

Once eligibility is confirmed and the nomination and two statements of support are received, the nominee and their division head or dean will receive notice of the nomination.

Only one nomination will be accepted for each employee or team. If a nominee is nominated by more than one individual, those nominating individuals will be asked to consolidate their materials into one nomination.  

Only two statements of support will be accepted for each nomination. If more than two statements of support are submitted, only the first two will be considered.  

Nominations will not be considered if they are received after the nomination deadline. This includes incomplete nominations (e.g., only one statement of support was submitted).  

Eligibility Requirements

All domestic and international staff members of the university are eligible for nomination.

Individual nominees in the Commitment to Excellence, Commitment to Students, Innovative and Creative Contributions, and Spirit categories must be regular, part-time or full-time staff members who have been employed at the university for a minimum of six months as of the nomination deadline.

Team nominations in the Teamwork and Collaboration category require that 75% of the members have been employed at the university for a minimum of six months as of the nomination deadline. Please note that teams are only eligible for the Teamwork and Collaboration category.

Awards and Criteria

The successful nominee(s) must satisfy the majority of the criteria within the category for which he/she is nominated. All nomination letters and supporting documentation should address the category's criteria and cite specific examples of how the nominee demonstrated extraordinary performance beyond his/her regular duties.

Criteria listed for each award should be used as guidelines for nominating staff. Nominees do not need to meet all criteria listed under an award.

Category Descriptions and Criteria

Selection Process

The Human Resources representative will convene the Awards Committee following the nomination deadline.

The Awards Committee will review nominations and determine the successful individual or team (as appropriate) based on criteria for each award category.

The Awards Committee may opt to move a nomination to another category for consideration. In such instance, the nominator will be notified prior to the nominee’s consideration in the new category.

The Awards Committee reserves the right to not make an award in any particular category in any given year.

Voting members of the Awards Committee are not eligible for individual nominations, but may be nominated as part of a team. Nominated committee members will neither participate in the consideration nor vote on nominations in any category in which they are nominated as part of a team. Furthermore, committee members should not submit nominations or statements of support during their tenure on the committee. If a committee member feels strongly that they would like to submit a nomination or statement of support, they should contact the Human Resources representative on the committee to recuse themselves from that year’s voting.

No staff member may be selected for the same award in consecutive years.

The selection procedure shall be as follows:

Round One

Each committee member shall, in private, review all of the nominations and rank the nominations on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest ranking. The scores will be totaled and averaged. At least the top five nominations will remain in the process. If fewer than five nominees remain after this process, then all the nominations will remain in the process.

Round Two

The committee shall convene to discuss each of the remaining nominees in open forum. After said discussion, there shall be an opportunity for each committee member to vote for one of the remaining nominees in each category. The committee will try to reach consensus, but in the event that consensus cannot be achieved, the nominee with the largest number of votes shall receive the award. In the case of a tie, a run-off vote shall be held, preceded by additional discussion if the committee sees fit.

Committee members are expected to keep all discussions and materials surrounding the nomination process in strict confidence. Members are also expected to be objective in the selection procedure and remain uninfluenced by a personal relationship that they may have with the nominees.

Award Winners Receive

  • A crystal plaque
  • A 4x6 photo with the university president and/or provost
  • A monetary award (all monetary awards will be of equal value across categories)

Note: Monetary awards are considered taxable compensation to the recipient in accordance with the IRS code. For team winners, the monetary award will be distributed equally among team members unless the team makes other arrangements for distribution of the prize.

Awards Committee


The Awards Committee consists of 10 voting members, representing the university’s colleges and divisions, and two ex-officio, non-voting members from Human Resources to provide leadership and continuity.  


Each committee member serves a three-year term. The intent is to stagger terms so half of the committee will at any one time be experienced reviewers.

In the event that a reviewer cannot complete their term, an alternate will be appointed to complete the term.

Terms begin on January 1 of each year and end on December 31 of the following year.  

Responsibilities of Members

Members must attend meetings throughout the term of membership and actively participate in the work of the committee as necessary. Significant absences from scheduled committee meetings may result in relinquishing committee membership.

The Human Resources representative shall designate the time and place of each scheduled meeting to coordinate with the time schedule for the award ceremony.

Awards Ceremony

The Andy Awards ceremony, hosted by the university president and/or provost, is an annual event, typically held in the fall.

Process Review

Each year following the annual Andy Awards program, under the leadership of a Human Resources representative, the most recent Awards Committee will review the full nomination and award process and update it as necessary.