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Individual Appointments

Individual appointments with an Academic Counselor (AC) are available to students who want or need more intensive help with study skills than a single workshop can provide.

Students seeking individual appointments will complete a study skills survey that evaluates current study strategies. An initial consultation with the Director will be scheduled. Then, a student AC will be assigned to meet with you on a weekly basis to target the skill areas that need improvement.

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation


At Carnegie Mellon, we talk a lot about stress.  In fact, when CMU students are asked which health problems negatively impact their academics, stress is the most common answer.

There are many things we can do to improve the way we manage stress.  University Health Services has a lot of useful information on  effective stress management.  Read more ...

Students Comment

Thank you for facilitating the academic presentations workshop.  I think that the material presented was excellent for both beginners and seasoned speakers.  You gave some very helpful tips to engage the audience, stay focused, and wrap up.  These skills will be very helpful in presenting in my classes as well as on the job.  I plan on recommending the workshop to a few colleagues in my program who have some anxiety over public speaking. It will really help.

I'm very appreciative of all the services that Academic Development provides. As a freshman and sophomore I went to a few of the workshops and was even lucky enough to be paired with tutors for a few of my difficult classes. Now as a senior, I look back and couldn't have imagined getting through those classes without all the help.