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Updates made within the CMS must be published to view them on the staging and live servers.  

Publish a Single Item/Folder

  1. Select the item in the folder structure.
    Note: If you select a folder, the system will publish its entire contents.
  2. Select Publish.
  3. Check/uncheck the servers where you want to publish.
    • Staging - Review space before making pages/site public (
    • Live - Public view of your site/pages.
  4. Click Submit.

Publish Multiple Items in the Same Folder

  1. Select the folder.
  2. Check the items you want to publish.
  3. Select Publish from the Select One drop-down.

    IMPORTANT: This method publishes to both the staging and live servers.
  4. Confirm when prompted.

News Grids with RSS

Pages containing an RSS News Grid automatically update to display new feed content. The RSS feed and news article will need to be published.

Unpublishing an item removes it from both the staging and live servers. When you delete, move or change the system name of an item, you unpublish it by default. Follow the steps below to manually unpublish an item.

  1. Select the item in the folder structure.
  2. Select Publish.
  3. Check/uncheck the servers to remove the item.
  4. Select the Un-publish.
  5. Click Submit.

The publish queue shows the current publishing jobs. To view the queue, select System Menu > Publisher > Active Jobs from the Menu Bar.

You may want to disable an item from being published if you are in the process of making updates or if you are keeping it for backup purposes. To disable publishing, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the item
  2. Select the Edit > System
  3. Uncheck Include when publishing
  4. Click Submit
    An error message will display if you try to publish the item.

Publishing Guidelines

Adhering to the guidelines below will reduce the demand on shared system resources, site publishing time and errors.

  • Publish entire sites or large numbers of files before 9 am, after 5 pm or during the weekend.
  • Limit the number of folders to ten at a time.
  • Consider publishing a folder individually when it contains a large number of sub-folders, pages or files.
  • Avoid publishing the Base Folder if your site is large. Instead, publish the site’s sub-folders.