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Marketing & Communications with Computing Services

Organize and Manage Your Site

Use these tools to organize your pages, files and folders, as well as, track history, audit trails and versions of an item.

  1. Select the item, in the folder structure.
  2. Select Move/Rename.
  3. Do the following:
    • Move - click Browse selecting the folder where the item should move and click Confirm.
    • Rename -  type a new file name for system name
  4. Check Unpublish Content (default).
  5. Click Submit.

Note: If you moved or renamed a page or folder AND the website navigation has changed, publish both the old and new parent folders.

  1. Select the folder of the items you want to reorder
  2. Click the Order column to sort contents by current order.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Drag and drop - Hover next to the item until the cursor changes to an up/down arrow (Windows) or down arrow (Mac). Drag the item up/down.
    • Up/down icons - Use the appropriate Action.
      (1) Move to top (2) Move up one (3) Move down one (4) Move to bottom
  4. Republish the full-site to reflect the new order. 
    Important: Publish entire sites or large numbers of files before 9 am, after 5 pm or during the weekend.

Delete a Single Item

  1. Select the file/page/folder.
    IMPORTANT: If you select a folder, the contents will be deleted.
  2. Check relationships to avoid broken links.
  3. Select More > Delete.
  4. Check Un-publish Content (default) to remove the file/folder from the live website and prevent orphans.
  5. Click Submit.

Delete Multiple Items

  1. Select the folder that contains the items you want to delete.
  2. Check each item to be deleted.
  3. Select Delete from the drop-down.
  4. Check Un-publish to remove the items from the live website and prevent orphans.
  5. Click Submit

When you delete an item, the system stores it in the recycle bin for 15 days, then removes it permanently. To restore an item to its original location:

  1. Select Home > Recycle Bin on the Menu Bar.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Restore one item - click the green Restore icon  next to the item.
    • Restore multiple items - select the checkbox next to the items and then Restore from the Select One drop-down.
  3. Click Submit

The system saves your drafts automatically as you work. When you are ready to commit changes to your page, click Submit.

Submit Options

Before you submit a page, click Advanced Options and review the following:

  • Tidy HTML - removes custom font tags and style attributes
  • Spelling - checks spelling
  • Accessibility - checks to ensure images have alternate text
  • Broken Links - checks the links on the page
  • Start Workflow - not enabled

Discard and Submit Drafts

The system generates drafts as you work.

In most cases, you can discard drafts. Follow these steps:

  1. Select Home > Drafts.
  2. Check draft(s) you want to discard.
  3. Select Discard from the drop-down.
  4. Click Submit.

Follow these steps to submit a draft: 

  1. Select Home > Drafts.
  2. Click the link for the page you want to view. 
  3. Click Submit Draft (upper left) to accept the document and overwrite the current page.

You can check for broken links by page or site-wide.

Identify Broken Links by Page

Select the Broken Links checkbox (Advanced Options) before you submit. This will verify both internal and external links on the current page.

Identify Broken Links Site-wide

  • Internal Broken Links
    When you publish an item, the system generates a record that includes broken internal links. To identify these links, complete a site-wide publish then select Home > Messages. The system reports broken links as an "issue" in the message.

  • Internal and External Broken Link
    There are third-party tools that check site-wide internal and external links.


To avoid broken links, you can view the items that reference the current page. Select the item in the file structure then Relationships. Relationships works with files and pages not folders.

Third-Party Tools

You can lock a page to prevent others from making changes while you're working on it.

  1. Select the item in the folder structure.
  2. Select View > Lock.
  3. Click check-out this asset.
  4. Follow steps 1-3 to unlock the page when you are done.

View Locked Items

Select Home > Locked Assets to view all assets locked by you.