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The WYSIWYG toolbar lets you format text and add basics such as links, tables, media or images in a WYSIWYG content area. The tools are defined below.

Tool Function
Custom Character Insert Special Character
subscript Subscript
superscript Superscript
bold Bold
italics Italics
underline Underline
NOT APPLIED; CSS removes style
strikethrough Strikethrough
NOT APPLIED; CSS removes style
align left Align Left
align center Align Center
right align Align Right
align full Align Full (Justify)
styles Apply Styles
format Apply Heading and Paragraph Tags
Cut Cut
Copy Copy
Paste Paste
Paste as Plain Text Paste as Plain Text
find/replace Find/Replace
spell check Toggle Spell Checker
unordered list Unordered/Bulleted Lists
ordered list Ordered/Numbered Lists
outdent Outdent (Remove Indent)
indent Indent
undo Undo
redo Redo
insert link Insert/Edit Link
unlink Unlink
anchor Insert/Edit Anchor
Insert/Edit Image Insert/Edit Image
Insert Media Insert/Edit Media
Horizontal Rule Horizontal Rule
Insert a new table Inserts a Table
Cleanup Messy Code Cleanup Messy Code
Remove formatting Remove Formatting
HTML Edit HTML Source
Toggle guidelines/Invisible elements Toggle Guidelines/Invisible Elements
Full screen Toggle Fullscreen Mode