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Marketing & Communications with Computing Services

Build a Standard Page

Page Elements

The standard page template is flexible and allows for various page elements.

  • Draw them in with a hero (photo, silent video or news article)
  • Create standard content
  • Showcase your content with grids
  • Use a slideshow to feature photos

Create the Page

Build your page with the elements that best meet your needs. 

  1. Select the folder in the asset tree where you want the new page.
  2. Select New > Page (menu bar).
  3. Complete the following:
    • System Name - type the file name to be displayed in the asset tree and the live web address. See Best Practices for more on selecting a system name.
    • Title - type the page name to be displayed in the navigation.
    • Description - type a summary of the page content (also known as meta description).
    • Hide from Navigation - select yes to hide the current page in the navigation.
    • Social Media Thumbnail (optional) - browse to an image if different from the default.
  4. Add Content WYSIWYG or Other Page Element.


Select the Content option to add a WYSIWYG area for basics such as text, links, tables or images. Select expand/collapse or sidebar to add, organize and display related information.

Expand/Collapse Content

  • Divide content into smaller sections

  • Simplify your page

Other Page Elements

Click + to add other page elements such as grid or slideshow in various combinations. You can also display large imagery with a hero. 


  • Feature news
  • Add photos
  • Silent video


  • Add text and photos
  • Create a link or event list
  • Mix it up


  • Rotate 2-7 images
  • Pair with a text area


  • Feature wide elements
  • Display photos and other media across full-page width