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Two, three or four column layout for photos, news or text. If creating a new page, follow the new page steps. For an existing page select Edit then + to add the content area.

  1. Select Grid for Type.
  2. Choose one of following:


  • 2-4 columns
  • Images can be linked
  • Plain text captions


  • 2-4 columns
  • 1-3 rows
  • Display options for types of news
  • Optional images, dates, summary


  • 2-4 Columns
  • Displays content in boxes


  • 2-4 Columns
  • Options for WYSIWYG area, photo, link list, event list


  1. Select Photo
  2. Select the number of columns to display. 
  3. Complete the Heading, Grid ID and Style fields (optional). 
  4. Browse  to select an Image.
  5. Add a description of the image for Alt Text.
  6. Complete the other fields (optional).
  7. Click + to add another photo box. 


  1. Select News.
  2. Select an option for What to show.
    • Pick Articles - displays feature articles you choose.
    • RSS - pulls articles from a published RSS feed.
  3. Select the Number of Columns to display. 
  4. Complete the Grid ID and Style fields. Heading and Background Image are optional.   
  5. Complete the fields for the news type you selected: Pick Articles or RSS.

Pick Articles

  1. Browseto select a news article
  2. Click + to add another article.
  3. Choose to include Images, Publication Date and Article Summary from the news article. 


  1. Type the published URL for the RSS feed. This can be external to your site. Review the site’s Terms & Conditions for using their content. 
  2. Choose to open news articles in a New Window.
  3. Choose to include Images, Publication Date and Article Summary from the news article.
  4. Select the maximum number of Articles to Display from the feed.

Note: Pages containing an RSS News Grid automatically update to display new feed content.


  1. Select Card.
  2. Complete the Heading, Grid ID, Style and Section ID fields (optional). 
  3. Add text, links or images.
  4. Use the WYSIWYG toolbar to format.
  5. Click + to add another card. 


Use mixed to combine grid types including a link or event list. 

  1. Select Mixed.
  2. Choose a Box Type.
  3. Complete the Heading, Grid ID, Style and Background Image fields (optional). 
  4. Select a Box Type: WYSIWYG, Photo, Link List, Event List
  5. Click + to add another box. 


  1. Add text, links or images. Use the WYSIWYG toolbar to format.
  2. Add a relevant name for Section ID (optional).


  1. Browseto select an image.
  2. Add a description for Alt Text.
  3. Complete the other fields (optional).

Event List

  1. Select the event Start and End Dates
  2. Add an event Title or Description
  3. Link to a details page.
  4. Add a More Events Link (optional).