Information for Students
Welcome Students! The Technology Consulting in the Community course is seeking highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students to embark on a rewarding and challenging academic experience. Please explore our website to learn more about what you can expect from the course and feel free to contact us with any questions. You may also want to talk with students who have taken the class in the past.

This course is as much FUN as it is hard work! Community Partners really appreciate you and they show that appreciation continually. It feels good to be useful and helpful to others. You will enjoy working with your Community Partner. You will also enjoy learning about how non-profit organizations function and the kinds of work they do. You will meet some outstanding human beings doing really great work, often for minimal pay. You will find it enlightening and fun to see how the computer knowledge and experience you take for granted, can be both barriers and pathways for your Community Partner. You will have fun helping them break through barriers and blazing new pathways in their organization!