Carnegie Mellon University

Sharing the World’s Brain Research Data

Researchers around the world are collecting vast amounts of data from the brain at a rapid pace. We believe that much can be learned by combining the global collection of data. We are creating new tools that will index, aggregate and share this global data, making it accessible in powerful new ways. 

Mapping & Exploring the Interconnectivity of the Brain and Behavior

The brain is made up of billions of neurons, which make billions of connections to communicate information. While scientists have been actively mapping the functions of different areas of the brain, we believe the most important discoveries of the future will lie in understanding how these regions interact. We are inventing technologies that will allow us to explore these crucial connections. 

Teaching the Brain How to Change Itself

Carnegie Mellon studies have shown that it is possible for the brain to change – to teach itself to act or behave differently. We are continuing to investigate this to uncover how neural interventions can help people with developmental disorders and neurological conditions.