Carnegie Mellon University

Funding Opportunities

DSF Charitable Foundation
Deadline 11/17/2017
Through a very generous grant from the DSF Charitable Foundation supporting life-science research, the Mellon College of Science is pleased to announce a new internal grant opportunity at Carnegie Mellon. This program will support innovative interdisciplinary life science research involving collaborations across Carnegie Mellon. Four funding levels will be offered throughout the five-year program: Workshop and Professional Development Grants (up to $20,000), Early Career and Individual Investigator Grants (up to $100,000 over one year or $150,000 over two years), Collaborative Grants ($250,000 - $500,000), and a Moonshot Grant ($1,000,000). Proposals should be sent electronically to Curtis Meyer, Associate Dean for Research, by 5:00pm on Friday November 17. Learn more.

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund: Career Awards at the Scientific Interface
Deadline 9/6/2017
The Burroughs Wellcome CASI supports the early career development of researchers who have transitioned or are transitioning from undergraduate and/or graduate work in the physical/mathematical/computational sciences or engineering into postdoctoral work in the biological sciences, and who are dedicated to pursuing a career in academic research. CASI are made in the amount of $500,000 over five years to bridge advanced postdoctoral training and the first three years of faculty service. Candidates must hold a Ph.D. degree in one of the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, statistics, or engineering. Candidates whose Ph.D. is in biochemistry/biophysics/biology/cell biology/etc. may be eligible if significant accomplishment or competence in one of the areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, statistics, or engineering can be shown. FAQs.

ProSEED/BrainHub Continuation Funding
Deadline 9/15/2017
Past and current ProSEED/BrainHub awardees are invited to apply for a second round of funding, to support successful ProSEED/BrainHub projects from the initial award period. Applications should consist of a cover letter that includes a summary of progress made in the prior funding period and 1-page document that justifies the requests and outlines the goals of the project for continuation and a budget. Awards will be made up to $75,000. Please send your application to Gerry Balbier.

Sloan Foundation Fellowships
Deadline 9/15/2017
The Sloan Research Fellowships seek to stimulate fundamental research by early-career scientists and scholars of outstanding promise. These two-year fellowships are awarded yearly to 126 researchers in recognition of distinguished performance and a unique potential to make substantial contributions to their field. The 2018 Sloan Research Fellows will receive fellowships in the amount of $65,000. Learn more.

Simons Foundation Fellows—SFARI Explorer Awards
Deadline Rolling
This award program is designed to enhance our existing support of autism research by providing timely resources to enable focused experiments highly relevant to our mission. A deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying autism spectrum disorders or potential therapeutic approaches will require investigation at multiple levels, including but not limited to studies focused on gene discovery, molecular mechanisms, circuits, anatomy, and cognition and behavior. We will consider proposals at all of these levels.The maximum budget is $70,000, including indirect costs for one (1) year, non-renewable. Learn more.

Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship Awards in Neurosciences
Deadline 11/1/2017
The Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship Awards in the Neurosciences supports, in the early stages of their careers, young investigators engaged in basic or clinical research that may lead to a better understanding of neurological and psychiatric disorders. The Klingenstein Fund and the Simons Foundation recognize that to accomplish this goal it is necessary to encourage a variety of new approaches. Several areas within the neurosciences are of particular interest: Cellular and molecular neuroscience—Studies of the mechanisms of neuronal excitability and development, and of the genetic basis of behavior. Neural systems—Studies of the integrative function of the nervous system. Clinical research—Studies designed to improve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and our understanding of the causes of neurological and psychiatric disorders. The award of $225,000 is payable over a three-year period. Learn more.

McKnight Foundation–Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Awards
Deadline 12/5/2017
These awards support scientists working on new and unusual approaches to understanding brain function. The program seeks to advance and enlarge the range of technologies available to the neurosciences. It does not support research based primarily on existing techniques. The Endowment Fund is especially interested in how technology may be used or adapted to monitor, manipulate, analyze, or model brain function at any level, from the molecular to the entire organism. Collaborative and cross-disciplinary applications are invited. Established in 1999, the Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Awards provide up to $100,000 per year for two years. Each year, up to three awards are given. Funds may be used toward a variety of research activities but not the recipient's salary. McGovern Institute’s Scolnick Prize in Neuroscience: 12/15/2017 The Scolnick Prize is awarded annually by the McGovern Institute to recognize outstanding advances in the field of neuroscience. The prize is named in honor of Dr. Edward M. Scolnick, who stepped down as President of Merck Research Laboratories in December 2002 after holding Merck's top research post for 17 years. Dr Scolnick is now at the Broad Institute, where he established the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research. He also serves as a member of the McGovern Institute’s scientific advisory board. The prize, which is endowed through a gift from Merck to the McGovern Institute, consists of a $150,000 award, plus an inscribed gift. Learn more.