Carnegie Mellon University

Riverlife Strategic Plan

In 2013, the Remaking Cities Institute developed a strategic plan for Riverlife, a nonprofit public-private partnership established in 2000 to guide and advocate for the redevelopment of Pittsburgh’s riverfronts, the largest riverfront regeneration project in the United States.  RCI researched benchmarks, financial strategies, and operational plans of other organizations to develop a specific plan for Riverlife.  Developed with the Board of Directors and staff, the strategic plan identified both aspirational and organizational goals, provided a set of recommendations, and planned out a 3 stage action plan for the organization's future.

Riverlife Cover

The Project Sponsor was Riverlife.  The Research Team was led by the Remaking Cities Institute, with assistance from Riverlife’s board of directors and staff, and researchers from the Heinz College Institute for Social Innovation at Carnegie Mellon.