Carnegie Mellon University

Dean, College of Design, Iowa State University


Luis Rico-Gutierrez is Dean of the College of Design, Iowa State University. Previously, he taught Urban and Computer Aided Design at Monterrey Tech University, Queretaro Campus, Mexico. At that time, he conceived and directed the “Distance Studio”, grouping students from CMU and Monterrey Tech into teams that made active use of videoconferencing for synchronous collaborative work and web based tools for asynchronous activities.

In 1996, he joined Carnegie Mellon’s School of Architecture, becoming a key player in the Urban Laboratory teaching graduate and undergraduate students to work with citizens, public agencies, and the private investment sector in making recommendations to improve the quality of life in our cities. As an administrator, he has strengthened the ties between the School of Architecture and the Office of Development in the College of Fine Arts, and has played a critical role in the creation of “Cornerstones”, the Center for Architecture, Development and Building, a group of leaders in the “allied fields” of Architecture that creates new and exciting educational opportunities in relation to practice.

In 2006, Luis Rico-Gutierrez was named Director of the Remaking Cities Institute (RCI) where he directed research and created new programs. He now sits on the RCI's international advisory board. Luis earned his professional degree in Architecture from Monterrey Tech, Mexico, and completed graduate studies in design and social housing at the Leoz Foundation in Madrid, Spain. He has a Master in Building Performance from Carnegie Mellon University where he is currently completing his Ph.D. in Computer Supported Collaborative Design.