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Webinar - Neocortex Spring 2023 Call for Proposals and System Overview

Presented on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 2:00 - 3:00 pm (ET).

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The recording of the webinar and slides are available and can be accessed via the link above.

This webinar presents the upcoming Spring 2023 Call for Proposals (NeocortexSpring2023CFP) and gives a system overview of Neocortex, an AI-specialized NSF-funded supercomputer deployed at PSC/CMU.

Neocortex, which captures groundbreaking new hardware technologies and now features two Cerebras CS-2 systems, is designed to accelerate AI research in pursuit of science, discovery, and societal good. Join us to learn more about this exciting new system and how to be part of the next group of users. 

Neocortex was deployed at the PSC in early 2021 and currently supports research in drug discovery, genomics, molecular dynamics, climate research, computational fluid dynamics, signal processing, and medical imaging analysis.

For more information about Neocortex, explore the project page. For questions about this webinar, please email