Carnegie Mellon University

Other Post Office Services


Black and white copies are $0.10 per page. We are unable to make color copies.

Money Orders

The Carnegie Mellon University Post Office sells Memo brand money orders and complies with all anti-money laundering regulations. The fee for each money order is $1.05. Please note the following restrictions.

  1. All money orders must be paid for in cash. No exceptions. The $1.05 fee(s) can be paid for with any type of payment normally accepted.
  2. Each money order can be a maximum of $500.00. In order to exceed $500.00, you will need to purchase multiple money orders along with the corresponding fees.
  3. The money orders are sold through the Memo company. These are NOT USPS or postal money orders. If you require a postal or USPS money order, you will need to visit a full USPS Post Office.
  4. We can neither cash money orders nor can we refund a money order purchased through us.