Carnegie Mellon University

Mass Mailings for Departments and SMC Mailboxes

Distribution of mass mailings such as memos, fliers, announcements, or newsletters must be prearranged through and approved by Postal Services. Contact 412-268-2929 three to five days before the distribution deadline for approval, scheduling, and delivery details. Once the mailing has been approved, please follow these additional guidelines:

  1. If the internal announcement will not be individually addressed, Postal Services will need to know to whom the mail should be sent: faculty and staff, students, or all.

  2. If the internal announcement will be addressed to faculty and staff, please make sure the address has the faculty or staff member's name and department. Then, please sort the mail by department.

  3. If the internal announcement will be addressed to students, please make sure the address has the student's full name and the Student Mail Code (SMC). Please have the mail sorted by SMC.

  4. Do not have your mailings dropped off at Postal Services by an outside printing company; mailings cannot be processed without knowing where they came from and where they are to go.

In most cases, mailings will be delivered within 48 hours.

Postal Services reserves the right to refuse distribution at any time. Mass mailings are only permitted by preferred vendors and organizations affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University.