Carnegie Mellon University

Campus Mail and Special Deliveries

When sending campus mail, please mark the addressee's name, department, and building on the front of the envelope. Including the department name helps speed mail sorting. Address all mail and packages as follows:

Campus Mail
Employee Name
Department Name
Building Name and Room Number

All campus mail items must include a return address consisting of a name and either a department or SMC #.To prevent campus mail from accidentally being metered as First Class mail, the campus mail must be separated from other outgoing mail. If there is campus mail in special envelopes, such as invitations, please bundle the special mail and clearly mark it with a note as campus mail.

Items larger than a standard USPS mail bin (14"x10"x10") require a Special Delivery Form [pdf]. Please see our Special Delivery Service section below for additional information.

Confidential matter should be mailed in a clean, plain, and sealed envelope. This ensures against misdirection, mishandling, or loss due to previous markings or lack of proper security. To protect sensitive information, mark the envelope "Personal & Confidential", or "To be opened by Addressee Only". Be sure the address includes the addressee's full name and department.

Campus mail envelopes are reusable envelopes, ideal for in-house mailings. When using a campus mail envelope, make certain that all previous markings have been masked out. This ensures proper handling and direction to the intended recipient. Do not write an address between previous markings. Write the current addressee's information in the first blank space after the most recent recipient's address. Please be sure to include a return name and department.

A change of internal office location (for example, a departmental change) must be reported promptly to ensure timely delivery of your mail. New employees or employees moving within or to another department should call Postal Services at 412-268-2929.

Postal Services offers departments the ability to purchase stamps and have them charged to your Oracle account. Please fill out a Universal Requisition Form [pdf]. You may send it to us either by campus mail or by bringing it to the Post Office in the University Center. Postal Services will then deliver your order during the next scheduled delivery to your department.

Postal Services offers a Special Delivery service for a small fee. This service can be used for departments who need to have campus mail picked up or delivered before their next scheduled mail pick-up/delivery or for timely or sensitive mail for which the departments prefer to have a signature. Special deliveries must be prearranged through Postal Services. Please contact the Assistant Manager at 412-268-2929 before 10:00am to schedule the delivery. In emergency situations, special deliveries can be processed after 10:00am. Please contact the Assistant Manager and further arrangements can be made.

All special deliveries, as well as any items being sent through campus mail which are larger than 14" x 10" x 10", require a Special Delivery Form [pdf].

The Special Delivery fee is $12.00 for the first piece and $8.00 for each additional piece.