Carnegie Mellon University

Incoming Mail and Parcels for Faculty and Staff

Please note that any parcel deliveries through any carrier other than the United States Postal Service (USPS) will be delivered directly by that carrier. Postal Services only delivers campus (interdepartmental) mail and items received from USPS.

Also note that any item received from USPS that appears to be/is leaking must be claimed by the recipient from the Post Office. Postal Services will not attempt delivery for any leaking items. We will contact the recipient directly, if possible, to make them aware of the item.

If your department is relocating to a new location, either temporarily or permanently, please complete a Departmental Move Request form. You may submit the completed form by email to or by sending it to Postal Services via campus (interdepartmental) mail. If the move is temporary, please submit a second form indicating when the department will return to the original location.

Please use one of the Non-USPS Parcel Deliveries address formats if you are unsure of which carrier will be delivering the parcel.

Campus (interdepartmental) mail can only be used for items originating in departments associated with the Pittsburgh campus. Items sent through campus (interdepartmental) mail will normally be delivered on the next business day if we receive them before noon. Items received after noon will normally be delivered in two business days.

CMU Postal Services observes all USPS restrictions regarding hazardous materials for campus (interdepartmental) mail. Any items restricted by USPS cannot be sent through campus mail. Please contact us for clarification if you have any doubts regarding the campus (interdepartmental) mail restrictions.

All campus (interdepartmental) mail should be addressed as follows:

Campus Mail
Employee Name
Department Name
Building Name and Room Number

Campus (interdepartmental) mail must contain a return address that includes the sender's name and department.


Australia Campus

All mail to be sent to the Australia campus should be sent via campus (interdepartmental) mail to the Heinz School. Heinz processes a shipment of mail to Australia as necessary.

Please avoid using the Carnegie Mellon University mail services for incoming personal mail and parcels, as this will overload the university mail system. Also, please do not use Carnegie Mellon University as a return address for personal mail. Unfortunately, the number of Carnegie Mellon University employees receiving personal USPS mail and parcels through the system is growing and becoming unmanageable. This increased volume significantly stretches the resources normally dedicated to university-related USPS mail and parcels. In most cases where personal parcels are received, the mail couriers and delivery staff must make additional and repetitive trips to buildings and offices. For these reasons, Postal Services strongly urges you to have personal mail and parcels sent to your home address.

If you wish to receive personal mail on campus, you may rent an SMC Mailbox in the Cohon University Center. Information regarding SMC Mailbox Rentals can be found in our Products section.


All faculty and staff USPS mail/parcels sent to Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh should be addressed as follows:

Employee Name
Department Name, Building Abbreviation, Room Number
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

The line containing "Carnegie Mellon University" may be omitted if necessary for space limitations.


Please be aware that failure to properly address your incoming USPS mail and parcels will result in those items being returned to the sender. Carnegie Mellon University Postal Services is not responsible for any USPS mail or parcels which are delayed, returned, or lost because the item was incorrectly addressed.

Typically, USPS mail and parcels are delivered on the following business day after arrival. Items sent through USPS Express Mail (including both mail and parcels) are normally delivered the same business day they are received. USPS mail and parcels addressed to a department are only available for pickup at the Post Office in emergency situations. Otherwise, the recipient must wait until their departmental mailroom receives the item(s) to claim any non-emergency USPS mail or parcels. You may request a Special Delivery to have the USPS mail or parcels delivered on the day it arrives or you may rent an SMC Mailbox if you wish to regularly pickup non-emergency USPS mail or parcels at the Post Office.


Please note that all deliveries destined for the Qatar campus should use this format regardless of the carrier.

All incoming mail/parcels for faculty and staff in Qatar should be addressed as follows:

Employee Name
5032 Forbes Avenue
SMC 1070
Pittsburgh, PA 15289-1070

Once they are received by Postal Services, mail and parcels destined for Qatar are delivered to International Finance on the 5th floor of the UTDC Building, 4516 Henry Street. International Finance ships all mail and parcels to Qatar.

All deliveries through a private carrier other than USPS should use the appropriate address from the CMU Master Building List [pdf] and will be delivered directly to the building address by that carrier. There is a specific format designed for Amazon Business accounts and a general format designed for all non-USPS and non-Amazon Business accounts. Please be sure to use the correct format. If you are unsure of which format to use, please contact us at

Please use the following format for all deliveries ordered through an Amazon Business account.

Full Name: [First and Last Name] - [Department Name]
Address Line 1: [Building Name] - [Room # or Department Mailroom #]
Address Line 2: [Building Street Address] when in doubt, contact your dept. administrator for guidance
City: [Pittsburgh]
State: [PA]
Zip Code: [15213] unless otherwise noted on the Master Building List.
Phone: [Phone number or department mailroom phone number]
Delivery Instructions: [Signature required. DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGE UNATTENDED]

Important Reminder:
Do not use 5000 Forbes Avenue as a default street address. Please remember that 5000 Forbes Avenue is only allowable when:
  • Your parcel will be delivered via the United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Your department is housed in Warner Hall, which is the only building on campus with an official street address of 5000 Forbes Avenue

Please use the following format for all non-Amazon Business deliveries sent through a private, non-USPS carrier, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, and deliveries from suppliers. Do not use this format for an Amazon Business account (please see above).

Department, Building Acronym
Building Street Address, Room Number
City, State, Zip

You must include all of this information in order to properly receive any campus deliveries. Electronic forms may have varying requirements and may require slight adjustments. For instance, you may need to enter your department name into the Company Name field.

Many private carriers have delivery windows outside of normal campus hours. Please plan accordingly when ordering same-day and next-day deliveries as the carrier may attempt delivery when no one is available to receive the item(s).

Please note that CMU West does not receive campus mail. All mail/parcels must be sent via the United States Postal Service (USPS) or other carrier. CMU West's USPS address is:

Carnegie Mellon University West
(Name of individual)
Building 23, MS-11
Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000

Important Note Regarding FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. Deliveries to Campus West:

  • Please be aware that mail stop numbers are useful only for USPS mail. The mail stop number (MS-11) DOES NOT work for FedEx, UPS, DHL, or any other private mail carrier.

  • For FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. deliveries the building number and room number must be listed in the ship to address, as in the following example:

Carnegie Mellon University West
(Name of individual)
NASA Research Park
Bldg. 23, Room (xxx)
Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000
  • Some private carriers have trouble finding Moffett Field - Suggest they look under Mountain View, CA for the same zip code.

  • Shipments may be refused if they are not addressed for staff/faculty.