Carnegie Mellon University

The CMU Police Department provides police services 24 hours a day, year-round. Police officers patrol all university-owned and leased property and, when needed, respond to and investigate crimes and other emergencies. The department also employs security officers who help patrol campus on foot and bicycles, or are assigned to fixed-location security posts. While security officers are not armed, each receives training in building security, patrol, criminal activity and officer arrests.

We also provide the following services:

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone within our campus community through education and learning.  The department has developed and implemented programs that help promote a safe environment for the entire university community. Learn more about our safety training and education.
Our department provides latent fingerprinting on paper cards for CMU faculty, staff and students who are traveling abroad or applying for various positions. Submit a Fingerprinting Request form to request an appointment (AndrewID required). Please note that this service is not available for Act 153 (child protection clearance) processing. Contact CMU Human Resources for more Act 153 information.
The most common items reported stolen or lost on campus are electronic devices (computers, phones and tablets) and bicycles. To help recover an item, we will need to know its make, model and serial number. By registering your electronic device or bicycle ahead of time, this important information will be already be on file with our department.

Special Units

Bike Patrol supplements vehicle/foot patrols and allows officers to respond to areas not accessible by vehicle


The Communications Center handles all calls that come into the department and dispatches officers when needed

CMU officer on walkie-talkie

Dignitary Protection works with local, state and federal agencies to provide security for dignitaries visiting CMU

CMU police leading motorcade

Investigations follows up on all serious crimes and incidents reported on or near university property

CMU police officer photographing crime scene

Integrated Security Service

CMU's Integrated Security Service (ISS) is a centrally managed, surveillance-camera video recording, storage and retrieval system to enhance safety on our Pittsburgh campus. The service is part of an integrated security plan that includes police mini stations, campus officers, foot and bicycle patrols, security officers, and mobile patrols of the campus. Cameras are placed in strategic areas based on a comprehensive review and assessment process, with privacy concerns as a core foundation. For more information, refer to our FAQs below or email

The ISS was created to provide a standard level of video surveillance capture and storage to support the safety and wellbeing of the CMU community. The ISS is in compliance with all CMU policies.

The ISS allows us to centralize the capture, storage and access of video surveillance data, which reduces CMU’s overall costs, ensures data security and increases the effectiveness of security on campus.
ISS video surveillance data is only accessed by the Carnegie Mellon University Police Department and its authorized support designates.
The ISS team has installed signage in areas around campus alerting individuals of nearby surveillance cameras. However, it should be assumed that public spaces on campus are under video surveillance, with or without signage. The ISS does not capture video surveillance data of residential spaces on campus, and we do not have facial recognition software.
ISS video surveillance services are available to CMU facility coordinators, Campus Design and Facilities Development for new buildings and renovations, the Facilities Management and Campus Services department, and department heads.