Carnegie Mellon University

Staging for Pickups/Drop-offs and Group Transportation on Campus

The expansion of the Cohon University Center brings with it the elimination of the traffic loop (“UC turnaround”) that served as a staging point for a variety of campus transportation needs over the last decade. A working group representing key programmatic and organizational stakeholders has developed the following guidance that provides a distributed model for accommodating these needs moving forward. Please note that this guidance will only be effective when exercised in concert with advance planning and good judgment by members of our community.

Individual cars that are picking up or dropping off people or goods may utilize the new short-term parking area located just inside the west entrance to the East Campus Garage, near the Cohon University Center. 

Caravans of individual cars that are transporting groups of people to/from the same off-campus location are most commonly utilized in the evenings and on the weekends, and as such should plan on staging in an open campus parking lot such as the Doherty lot or the Morewood lot. Caravans that need to gather and depart campus during weekday business hours are encouraged to use metered, short-term parking spaces available on Margaret Morrison Street or Frew Street.

Hotel and other non-CMU shuttle vans will pick up and drop off in front of the Cohon University Center on Forbes Avenue.

Groups that are utilizing a single charter bus can stage it in a variety of locations on or near campus, including: (1) on Frew Street adjacent to Skibo Gym, (2) on Margaret Morrison Street near Skibo Gym, (3) on Frew Street near Hunt Library, and (4) on Forbes Avenue in the curb cut in front of Cyert Hall.  All of these locations will be available only on a first-come, first-serve basis. The bus must remain attended by the driver at all times in case either traffic conditions or police officers dictate that the vehicle must be temporarily moved while the loading or unloading process is still underway. It is also recommended that a group representative remain at the staging location for the purpose of relaying any location change that may be necessary.

Groups that are utilizing multiple charter buses in connection with the same event should obtain a City of Pittsburgh variance (for a fee) that will allow the group to stage in metered spaces on Frew Street.  Alternatively, depending on the day/time of the event, the group may use the north side of Forbes Avenue.

Vehicles should NEVER be staged in the bus loop located on Morewood Avenue in front of Morewood Gardens.