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Be a Game Changer

Harness the power of big data with skills in machine learning and data science

Your Pathway to the AI Workforce

Organizations know how important data is, but they don’t always know what to do with the volume of data they have collected. That’s why Carnegie Mellon University designed the online Graduate Certificate in Machine Learning & Data Science Foundations; to teach technically-savvy professionals how to leverage AI and machine learning technology for harnessing the power of large scale data systems.   

Computer-Science Based Data Analytics

When you enroll in this program, you will learn foundational skills in computer programming, machine learning, and data science that will allow you to leverage data science in various industries including business, education, environment, defense, policy and health care. This unique combination of expertise will give you the ability to turn raw data into usable information that you can apply within your organization.  

Throughout the coursework, you will:

  • Practice mathematical and computational concepts used in machine learning, including probability, linear algebra, multivariate differential calculus, algorithm analysis, and dynamic programming.
  • Learn how to approach and solve large-scale data science problems.
  • Acquire foundational skills in solution design, analytic algorithms, interactive analysis, and visualization techniques for data analysis.

An online Graduate Certificate in Machine Learning & Data Science from Carnegie Mellon will expand your possibilities and prepare you for the staggering amount of data generated by today’s rapidly changing world. 

A Powerful Certificate. Conveniently Offered. 

The online Graduate Certificate in Machine Learning & Data Science Foundations is offered 100% online to help computer science professionals conveniently fit the program into their busy day-to-day lives. In addition to a flexible, convenient format, you will experience the same rigorous coursework for which Carnegie Mellon University’s graduate programs are known. 

For Today’s Problem Solvers

This leading certificate program is best suited for:

  • Industry Professionals looking to deliver value to companies by acquiring in-demand data science, AI, and machine learning skills. After completing the program, participants will acquire the technical know-how to build machine learning models as well as the ability to analyze trends.
  • Recent computer science degree graduates seeking to expand their skill set and become even more marketable in a growing field. Over the past few years, data sets have grown tremendously. Today’s top companies need data science professionals who can leverage machine learning technology.  

A National Leader in Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University is world renowned for its technology and computer science programs. Our courses are taught by leading researchers in the fields of Machine Learning, Language Technologies, and Human-Computer Interaction. 

Number One in the nation for our artificial intelligence programs.

Number One in the nation for our programming language courses.

Number Four in the nation for the caliber of our computer science programs.