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Summer 2022 Interns pose for a picture with CHIMP captured by an alternative CHIMP “head” which uses four stereo cameras and two rotating planar LiDAR to create a composite image.

June 13, 2022

Summer Internships at NREC

Intern Cohort Class of 2022

NREC’s close relationships with Carnegie Mellon University and the Robotics Institute provide ample opportunity for university collaboration and innovation. During the summer when campus clears, that energy doesn't dissipate thanks to the internship program at NREC which runs through the end of August. Although a handful of interns in the cohort hail from CMU Computer Science, Engineering, and Robotics departments, NREC’s internship program attracts college students from all over the country.

Ten individuals in a variety of disciplines were chosen from over 400 applicants which speaks to the immense talent pool and highly competitive process of selecting candidates for internship opportunities at NREC.

During their time at NREC, interns will primarily support sponsored projects while devoting a portion of their limited time to collectively work on an internal development project, incorporating individual skillsets in the areas of Software, Electrical Engineering, System Engineering, Machine Learning, Robotics Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. 

NREC hopes a summer of working alongside professional staff and accessing sponsored projects and technology will empower interns to use this experience to positively influence the real-world application of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence.

students listen to a briefing and explanation on machine shop equipment during a tour
Receiving a demonstration of Waterjet cutting capabilities and an open invitation to learn how to use the tools in NREC’s fully operational machine shop.
students pose next to CHIMP robot

Interns get up close and personal to inspect CMU’s Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform (CHIMP).

Group photo of the summer 2022 internship cohort in front of NREC building
Group photo of a great group of interns.
Composite images from CHIMP
Composite images from CHIMP.

Stay tuned for more intern cohort activities over the summer highlighted on NREC social media channels.