Carnegie Mellon University

NREC IRTC Collaboration

May 06, 2020

NREC Develops Additional Robotics and Autonomous Capabilities for the RT240

IRTC is working on additional robotics capability based on the RT240 Version 4 platform.  IRTC has partnered with the National Robotics Engineering Center to conduct a Concept Analysis of the benefits and feasibility of applying autonomy and robotics to the current generation of the RT240 RTCH.

The RT240 V4 platform has a state-of-the-art electronic control system that IRTC is leveraging for semi-autonomous and autonomous capabilities, including remote teleoperation, operator assist, and full autonomous capabilities (RoboRTCH). 

RoboRTCH has the potential to transform in-field container handling in rough terrain by making it faster and safer, and in the process also enable new capabilities such as container location tracking.  What started as a program centered on providing greater operator assistance to improve performance is just “opening the door” to a new paradigm shifting RTCH that can significantly change DoD Logistics.

IRTC and NREC anticipate a technical concept and recommendation in Summer 2020 and looks forward to further customer engagement on the benefits of RoboRTCH.