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The technologies demonstrated ranged from hardware running AI algorithms to perception and vision systems to virtual reality (VR) applications.

August 24, 2017

NREC Hosts 70 Construction Leaders to Demonstrate Robotic Technologies for Project Execution

NREC welcomed over 70 leaders of the construction industry to highlight assistive robotic technologies and their potential to improve safety and key areas of project execution. The group was attending the Summer Summit of The Association of Union Constructors held in Pittsburgh in August 2017, where the mayor of Pittsburgh and the Governor of Pennsylvania also welcomed the crowd. The attendees included union leaders, construction managers, contractors, and safety and environmental professionals from across the United States.  
The NREC tour focused on sharing current technologies that could improve many areas of construction management including safety, planning, efficiency, quality, and logistics. These robotic technologies could be applied to any number of small and large construction projects in the heavy highway, building trades, and oil and gas pipeline industries.   
The technologies demonstrated ranged from humanoid robotics, to hardware running AI algorithms, to perception and vision systems.  The group also experienced virtual reality (VR) technologies that give off-site stakeholders a “real world” view of the construction site at all phases of planning and execution. The technology is being developed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer for the mat sinking operations on the Mississippi River.

Please contact NREC to learn about ways that we can help your construction projects run faster, better, and safer.   


A virtual reality simulation of NREC's Mat Sinking project.