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September 30, 2016

NREC computer network compromise investigated

The National Robotics Engineering Center obtained information shortly before Labor Day suggesting that its computer network had been compromised. NREC takes the security of its systems very seriously, and as a precaution, the Center briefly disabled its network last week while IT security experts investigated the scope and nature of the compromise. That investigation continues, though network connectivity has been restored with added security precautions. Based on forensic data, at this point investigators do not believe that any individual’s personal or financial information was targeted. No evidence gathered during the investigation suggests that other Carnegie Mellon University systems were compromised in this incident.


NREC and Carnegie Mellon University officials promptly informed law enforcement officials, research partners and other concerned parties about this compromise, and continue to work with those parties to ensure transparency and an effective investigation. 

While no computer network is invulnerable, NREC holds itself to a high standard for system security. NREC also benefits from being part of a broader university community that is a global leader in cybersecurity, and the Center will continue to seek counsel and assistance from colleagues with this critical expertise, to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to address continuously evolving cyber threats.