Focus Areas/Degree Specialties-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Focus Areas/Degree Specialties

Given the flexibility of our graduate programs, students may choose to focus on an area of specialization within the broad discipline of mechanical engineering (or may choose to take courses in focus areas from other departments). 

  • Students pursuing this option should take three to five courses in an area.
  • An area of focus is not required and is not indicated on diplomas. 
  • 600 level courses are also offered to undergraduate students.

Fundamental Area - Design & Manufacturing

Fundamental Area - Dynamics & Controls

Fundamental Area - Solid Mechanics, Vibrations and Materials

Fundamental Area - Thermal Fluids

Cross-cutting Area - Bioengineering

Cross-cutting Area - Computational Engineering

Cross-cutting Area - Energy & the Environment

Cross-cutting Area - Micro/Nanotechnology

Cross-cutting Area - Product Development

Cross-cutting Area - Robotics